Snimikobi Algonquin First Nation

Welcome to the Snimikobi Algonquin First Nation resource website.

Algonquin Words 

Kwey kwey ------------- Hello

Miigwetch ------------ Thank You

Anin Ejinikazoyan ---- What Is Your Name

Nidijinikaz------------ I am called

Niin Miigwetchiwendam --- I Am Thankful

Nidonjaba ------------ I come from

Minawaazii Tibishkan -- Happy Birthday

Makwa ------------------ Bear

Amik -------------------- Beaver

Wawashkeshi --------- Deer

Mooz ------------------- Moose

Mikanuk ----------------Turtle

Migizi --------------------Eagle

Esiban -----------------Racoon

Mahingan --------------Wolf

Waboz ------------------Rabbit


Member Spotlight


The Snimikobi Community would like to congratulate April Malcolm and Leanne Wilson who both will have their art pieces displayed in the upcoming Truth & Reconciliation Art Show in Bancroft Ont. opening Thursday September 7th 2023 !

Cultural Activities